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UL Listed K28 Specific Application ESFR Glass Bulb VK5141 


Effectively maximize your storage capacity with the new Specific Application ESFR.

The new UL Listed VK5141 is a K28 glass bulb sprinkler, intended for facilities utilizing a wet system, that can allow for very narrow aisle widths. By using the new K28 Specific Application ESFR glass bulb sprinkler, customers can see aisle widths reduced to as narrow as 5 ft.! Plus, the VK5141 is available with cutting-edge Torque-Assist caps, which allow for the sprinkler to be compatible with revolutionary new InstaSeal® fittings. 

Advantages of the VK5141

  • 5 ft. aisle width

  • 175 psi max pressure

  • UL Listed

  • 10 ft. sprinkler spacing

  • 48 ft. ceiling protection

  • 28.0 K-factor

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