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UL Listed and FM Approved Calculations


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Design your next Oxeo Extinguishing System with vInert

vInert, a design and calculation software for Oxeo Extinguishing Systems with 3D modeling capabilities, is a free tool that makes your job easier. Simply choose between argon or nitrogen system setups, select the Class of fire you need to protect, and follow the intuitive wizard to input specifications for a precise design. As you design your system, vInert generates a 3D model for visualization and easy identification of key points. Once your design is complete, vInert hydraulically calculates your system to validate your design and provides a submittal list with a bill of materials, which can be emailed or sent to a customer service representative for order placement.

Using vInert you can....

  • Create a system through a conventional pipe input table or utilize our 3D design tool for pipe network design

  • Opt for either an argon or nitrogen system and specify the class you intend to protect

  • Choose between a single container or a manifold of multiple containers

  • Explore options for single or multiple zones within the system

  • Select your preference between constant flow or pressure reducing options

  • Use the Storage Layout Generator to effortlessly define the configuration of tanks

  • Follow the Initialization Wizard for guidance through key system design choices, including design concentration determination

  • Effortlessly use the Nozzle Estimation Tool for precise system planning

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