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Oxeo Extinguishing System

An environmentally sustainable solution that protects damage-sensitive equipment, applications and products from fire and from secondary damage. Available in both its initial pressure reducing option, Viking has expanded the offering to include a new "constant flow" option that allows for the use of lower schedule pipe.

Effective and responsible fire suppression


cULus Listed and FM Approved to protect Class A, B and C Hazards

This unique solution is made to suppress high challenge fire events with its use of nitrogen (IG-100) and argon (IG-01), two inert gases (that are natural components of the ambient air) as extinguishing agents.

Because Oxeo uses the inert gas argon it is also suitable for use in fire scenarios where a Class D fire (metals) is present, in addition to its approved and listed use for Class A-C fires.

Secondary Damage is no Issue

Oxeo reduces the destruction from a fire and prevents secondary damage by leaving virtually NO leftover residue — meaning data centers, museums, turbines, police archives and evidence storage, engine test cells and much more are protected. 

Features and benefits of Oxeo

  • Sustainable Solution

    Oxeo only uses inert gases nitrogen and argon (gases found in the ambient air) to suppress fires, meaning there's no environmental impact

  • No Secondary Damage

    Oxeo will never damage the spaces you're protecting — it leaves no residue and is safe for damage-sensitive areas like data centers, museums and more

  • Tank Capacity

    Up to 99 tanks can be actuated pneumatically. Tank capacity is 30 & 80L, with 140L availability coming soon! Did you know Viking provides custom racking solutions?

  • cULus Listed, FM Approved

    Oxeo is a cULus Listed and FM Approved to work in Class A (solid matter), B (flammable liquid) and C (energized electrical equipment) fire scenarios

Some common applications that Oxeo protects


Police Evidence Storage
Pharmaceutical Storage
Data Centers
Museums & Galleries
Telecommunication Facilities
Document or Historical Archives
Switch Gears
Diesel Generators

Police Evidence

Museums & Art Galleries

Switch Gears

Pharmaceutical Storage



Data Centers


Diesel Generators

Utilize these Oxeo resources and learn more about the offering

Review the available resources to make sure you know everything there is to know about this unique and sustainable suppression system from Viking.

See Oxeo in action:

Pressure Reducing
Constant Flow
Mockup_FloatingMacbook_ODA 3d


Seamlessly calculate and design your very own Oxeo Extinguishing System using our digital tool, vInert. Follow the intuitive wizard while plotting key points to build your pipeline and 3D model of your system. Once completed, get a submittal list with a bill of materials to place an order with one of our customer service reps.

Mockup_GalaxyS9-Straight - Oxeo System Estimator

Oxeo System Estimator

The all-new Oxeo System Estimator helps you quickly configure and size your own constant flow or pressure reducing Oxeo Extinguishing System for an estimate! Once completed, you can submit your bill of materials for a quote. 

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